Avi Amesbury
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Carole Epp:  A collection of innocent crimes
"The sculptural figurative work I produce began as an investigation into the ethical standpoint or position of artists in relation to the subject matter that they present", writes Carole Epp.

Patsy Hely, Senior Lecturer, Honours Convenor, Australian National University School of Art, curated the 2009 Craft ACT Accredited Professional Members' exhibition, Unravel.

Margaret Carlin and Avi Amesbury:  Place and Being
New work in ceramics and charcoal drawings by Margaret Carlin and Avi Amesbury.
The exhibition is an exploration of a physical manifestation of the emotions, knowledge and character of the artists working in response to landscape, either the natural environment or human (or inner) landscape.

White Heat
Held in conjunction with The Australian Ceramics Biennale 09 and curated by Dr Julie Bartholomew. Transformative practices that move beyond the object of utility, often take risks that propel the maker and viewer into unfamiliar territory. The exhibition offers a space for discourses of social, political and cultural concern.

Avi Amesbury:  Collections 2009
For more than 69 years expeditions to collect and record Australian insects have been in place. In 1926 the Commonwealth Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) was formed. As a result the number of specimens collected by entomologists and those donated from private collections grew by the thousands.

2009 Ceramica Multiplex
7 artists from Australia were selected for the international exhibition, 2009 Ceramica Multiplex.

Janet DeBoos:  Entrophy & other Considerations
The same concern - namely the performative nature of making and using - has characterised my work for the past twenty or so years. I often use names that are verbs rather than nouns to draw attention to the way in which the piece might be used.

John Heaney:  Three Tiles
The humble tile, a slab of clay, is an interesting place to challenge conceptions of clay's material possibilities. What starts off as a simple slab of clay becomes something magical.

Lia Tajcnar:  edge of function
Lia works with the reversal of conventional ideas of function, destructing the whole into fragments, creating the possibility for new use and form.

Anita McIntyre:  ancient land / silica lines
Anita's inspiration is drawn from extensive travel through the outback of Australia. Reflections and meditation provides an abstract imagery that evokes a landscape unseen but known, and recalls notions of observation, memory and presence.

Seo Byon-chan:  Circulation
Byon-chan looks inwards to explore circulation and to "see with eyes of mind and feel with skin of heart".

Kent Swanson:  Works inspired by polar terrains
It is the spiritual landscape existing within the physical that for Kent Swanson evokes a sense of power of place.

Avi Amesbury:  Research Series 2002
From the graduation exhibition held at the CSA Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra.

Anna Gianakis:  formed @ prototypal 2001
Anna Gianakis is a graduate, Master of Philosophy, from the National Institute of the Arts, Australian National University. formed @ prototypal is an exhibition of her recent works in progress revolving around the merging of craft traditions with industrial processes.