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Place and Being

New work by Margaret Carlin and Avi Amesbury in ceramics and charcoal drawings.

The exhibition, Place and Being, is the exploration of a physical manifestation of the emotions, knowledge and character of the artists working in response to landscape, either the natural environment or human (or inner) landscape. "To describe the landscape is to inscribe the character [of the artist]."

Through the use of spontaneous and direct gestures, both in ceramic and mark making on paper, the spiritual essence of the landscape is revealed. The work is not only a representation, (of a particular physical location for example,) but is the presence as well.

The mark making, the marks themselves, the subconscious state of the artist and the spirit of the work are all of one entity. The artwork becomes what it is representing as well as a manifestation of the inner being of the artist.

The artists are working towards the development of a personal language that describes and gives a physical form to the emotional and subjective response of their environment.

The viewer is encouraged to perceive the energy of the landscape as part of the work.

Margaret Carlin

Margaret Carlin received a Master of Visual Arts at the Australian National University, College of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Art in 2007. Carlin's research explores the notions of landscape, environment and place.

Avi Amesbury

Avi Amesbury received a Bachelor of Arts (Visual), with Honours from the Australian National University(ANU) School of Art in 2002. She was awarded a scholarship in 2000 through the ANU International Exchange Program and undertook studies at Hong-Ik University in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Her work has been represented in national and international exhibitions. Also see: curriculum vitae

Preview of exhibition

M16 Artspace, Canberra
2 - 13 September 2009
12-5pm wed-sun
Opening speaker Anita McIntyre
Opening 6pm Thursday 3 September

Margaret Carlin
Landscape, 2009
Charcoal drawing on paper

Avi Amesbury
Future tense, 2009 (detail)
Installation L:5metres x W:1metre

Avi Amesbury
Future tense, 2009 (detail)

Avi Amesbury
Future tense, 2009 (detail)

Avi Amesbury
Untitled, 2009 (detail)
Charcoal on canvas
L:1700mm x H:700mm