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26th Gold Coast International Ceramic Award
The Judge for this year's award, master Australian artist, Marea Gazzard has chosen Israeli artist, Simcha Even-Chen as the winner of the $10,000 acquisitional prize for her work comprising three separate elements in stoneware and porcelain entitled Illusion.

Cerartmix: judge's statement
"Ceramics is a term universally understood to describe any object or artefact made of fired clay (earth). However, if asked to define what art is, one would be hard-pressed to provide a singularly encompassing definition, particularly within a contemporary context." Ah Xian is the judge for the 2008 Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramics Award. Read his catalogue essay and view images of winning works.

Regeneration:   Margaret Carlin
Regeneration: research into the nature of place and belonging following the destruction of the local environment. Margaret Carlin undertook a Master of Visual Arts at the Australian National University, College of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Art. Her research explored the notions of landscape, environment and place. Carlin graduated in 2007 and this is an excerpt from her final Master of Visual Arts report.

December 2007 - A years farewell
It's been a pretty busy year. I've been very fortunate and given opportnities to work with some pretty amazing people, travel and be invited to participate in 3 international exhibitions.

Weight of Giving Series 2005 - 2006:   Sarah Rice
Sarah Rice completed a graduate diploma in Ceramics at the School of Art, ANU in February 2006. Her works are motivated by an interest in the processes of meaning, knowledge and representation, particularly as these processes function through the movement of metaphor and metamorphosis.

Why soda glaze?   Maryke Henderson
Maryke Henderson graduated from the Australian National University School of Art in 2005. This is an excerpt from her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) research report.

Chinese classic wares from the Kent Collection and their impact on Australian potters
Dr Mae Anna Pang, Senior Curator of Asian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria International writes about the Kent Collection gifted to the National Gallery of Victoria and its impact on Australian potters. This article was first published in TAASA Review, the quarterly journal of The Asian Arts Society of Australia, Vol.14/4, December 2005.

Soda firing:   Robyn Gough
Robyn Gough the 2005 recipient of the Canberra Potters' Society EASS Exhibition Award speaks on her admiration for the aesthetic of soda glazed surfaces.

Centering: Community, clay and culture:   Emilka Radlinska
Emilka Radlinska reports from Baltimore on the 39th Annual Conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA).

Art Aid - Review by Ann McMahon
Art Aid an exhibition and art auction held at the ANCA Gallery in Canberra responded to the shocking news of the boxing day tsunami. It raised $17,500 for Care Australia.

Unseen:  Janet Fieldhouse
Janet Fieldhouse was awarded the ANU Research Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS) EASS Award 2004. This is an excerpt from her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) research report.

ancient land/silica lines - ceramics by Anita McIntyre :  Review by Ann McMahon
Anita McIntyre's exhibition of ceramics, ancient land/silica lines was held at Beaver Gallery September, 2004. Ann McMahon reviewed the exhibition.

Bougainville's totems autonomous: Naboin, Nakas, Nakaripa, Natas :  Taloi Havini
Taloi was awarded the ANU Research Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS) EASS Award 2003. This is an excerpt from her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) research report where she spend three months in North Bougainville's traditional pottery village of Malasang.

The Development of Ceramics in Australia :  Avi Amesbury
On commencing research during my Honours year I realized how diverse and intriguing the development of ceramics in Australian was and have spent much of the past months reading and researching it's history. This is a paper I wrote.

Moments of Transition:  Manisha Gunawardena
Manisha was awarded the ANU Research Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS) EASS Award 2002 and was invited to speak of her work by the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies. This is the talk she gave.

Poetic writings:   Jeff Shapiro
Jeff Shapiro speaks from a book of memoirs he is currently writing about his relationship with a patron of the arts and his experiences living in Japan for nine years. This excerpt is about a visit to a National Living Treasure's home.

Development of ceramic art in the Republic of Korea:  Avi Amesbury
In Autumn of 2000 I spent a semester as an exchange student at the Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. Korean ceramics date back to the Neolithic ages and I found myself both intrigued and inspired by their traditions. The following is a short essay I wrote on my return to Australia.